Burg Lichtenberg
Talbrücke Thallichtenberg

Music is undoubtedly a connecting element between people just like trails connect different parts of the country with each other. And so the name Fritz Wunderlich is a synonym for a biking and hiking trail, which connects the two states Rhineland Palatinate with the Saarland.

The trail begins in Kusel at the street called „Vogelsang“, just behind the building of the AOK (health insurance company). It takes you through the district of „Diedelkopf“ and leads you to Thallichtenberg. Here, it is worth to stop a while and visit the castle ruin Lichtenberg Castle, a landmark of the district Kusel. This impressive castle ruin, which lies upon the hill, was built in the 13th century by the counts of Veldenz.

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After passing through Pfeffelbach, the trail crosses the Palatinate border and takes you to the Saarland. Arriving in Schwarzerden, you have the opportunity to stop and visit the Temple of Mithras (Mithrastempel). Continuing the route, the trail then passes through an old tunnel and over a bridge towards Freisen. The bridge over the valley is one of the most impressive examples of railway architecture in this region.

The Fritz Wunderlich trail stretches over a length of 21 kilometres and was formerly used as a railway line. Due to the low incline and its good maintenance, the trail is ideal for families, senior citizens and handicapped people.

Trail information:

Length: 21 kilometres

Time to walk: about 6,5 hours

Rise: 397 metres

Incline: 176 metres

Maximum height: 491 metres

Minimal height: 228 metres

Difficulty: moderate