The passion for fast cars for example, is one such story. Fritz loved fast cars and motorcycles and he shared this passion with his friend Otto Hermann, who also lived in the „Hollerstraße“. In letters sent from Fritz to Otto, it seemed like a conspiracy between the two. During the years in Stuttgart, Fritz and Otto regularly went to the well-known motorcycle racetrack „Solitude“.

Fritz Wunderlich mit Porsche

But no one was supposed to know about these meetings, especially not Otto’s family, who had no understanding for this passion. Before these events, Fritz therefore sent Otto letters which contained the train and entrance ticket, the departure times and transfer stations and their meeting point at the racetrack. Precautionally, he also reminded his friend once again to keep everything a secret. Otto then went to Stuttgart, together they watched the race and after that they drove back to Kusel in Fritz’s car.

As a matter of fact, their meetings at the racetrack remained a secret. No one ever had an idea what Fritz and Otto were doing in Stuttgart only until decades later, the letters were discovered in an old shoe box.