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Biography of Fritz Wunderlich


In September 2010 the third edition of the Fritz-Wunderlich-Biography by Werner Pfister was published. This biography contains a CD with private recordings of Fritz Wunderlich which have never been published before. In the appendix is a discography updated by Fred Scharf.


Werner Pfister

Fritz Wunderlich Biographie

Hardcover, 459 pages + CD

Schott Verlag, Mainz

ISBN: 3-7957-0536-3





Diary Madeleine Preston


Madeleine Preston, now advanced in years, is one of the biggest fans of Fritz Wunderlich. She portraits him in the form of a diary describing all her personal impressions of him and his many concerts. Madeleine Preston is founder and honory member of the Fritz-Wunderlich-Society.


Madeleine Preston

Fritz Wunderlich aus der Sicht seines Publikums, 1965-1966

Paperback, 47 pages

Published by the FW Society e.V.







Das Phänomen Fritz Wunderlich 


Joachim Puttkammer is an theater critic and collector of Fritz Wunderlich items for more than 25 years. He still tries to find out what Wunderlich made such an unique phenomenon in the world of music. In many newspaper articles Puttkammer was on the tracks of Fritz Wunderlich. This essay is a summary of his thoughts.


Joachim Puttkammer

Das Phänomen Fritz Wunderlich

Bülten Verlag, Kückenshagen 2005

Brochure, 81 pages

ISBN: 3-938510-14-5

Preis 12 Euro