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Wednesday, 30-11-2022

Events of the Fritz Wunderlich Association


An overview of the events organized by the Fritz Wunderlich Association:


1969  Fritz Wunderlich memorial concert on the 22nd of November, organized by the Kusel Musical Society. Performance by Erika Köth.

1970 Two concerts in memory of Fritz Wunderlich took place on the 25th of October and 22nd of November. The concerts were organized by the administrative district of Kusel, the Musical Society,  the Protestant Church and the Adult Education Center Kusel. Guest participants: Erika Köth (soprano), Karl Metzger ( violin), Kurt Horn (clarinet) and the symphony orchestra under the direction of Paul Engel.

1980 Memorial concert at the Protestant church of Kusel. Participants: West Palatinate Symphony Orchestra directed by Paul Engel, soloist: Philip Frohnmayer (baritone).

1990 Memorial concert in honour of Fritz Wunderlich’s 60th birthday at the castle  Lichtenberg, on the 28th of September, Participants: Peter Köppen (baritone) and Mariott Persijn-Vautz (piano)

30th of September: memorial concert at the Fritz-Wunderlich-Hall: special guests: Juliana Albrecht (soprano), Eava Tenkanen-Erlich (soprano), Maria Pawlus-Dudaa, (alto), Volker Bengl (tenor), Otto Daubner (baritone), George-Emil Crasnaru (bass), Bartholomew Berzonsky (piano) and Edith Hofmann-Valencienne (moderator)

1991 Concert in memory of the 25th anniversary of Fritz Wunderlich’s death at the Fritz-Wunderlich-Hall on the 5th of October. Organization: Fritz Wunderlich Association. Participants: Tomoko Nakamura (soprano), Constatin Alex (accompaniment), Kiyoshi Asano (piano)

1996 The „Südwestfunk“ (German Broadcasting Company), the administrative district of Kusel and the Fritz Wunderlich Association organized a concert in memory of the 30th anniversary of Fritz-Wunderlich’s death. Participants: Herman Prey (baritone), the SWF Radio Orchestra directed by Michael Luig

2000  Concert in honour  of Fritz Wunderlich’s 70th birthday on the 16th of Septemer. It took  place at the Fritz-Wunderlich Hall. Performance by Marietta Petkova (piano)

2005 memorial concert at the Fritz Wunderlich Hall in honour of Fritz Wunderlich’s 75th birthday. Participants: Christine Leyser (mezzosoprano), Anthony Spiri (piano) and Michael Bauer (moderator,SWF) 

2006 Concert on the 16th of September at the Fritz Wunderlich Hall in honour of  the 40th anniversary of Fritz Wunderlich‘s death. Participants: Michail Agafonov (tenor), Eun-Ae Kim (soprano), Janja Vuletic (mezzosoprano), The SWF Radio Orchestra Kaiserslautern, directed by Peter Falk.

2010 Concert on the 23rd of October at the Fritz Wunderlich Hall in honour of Fritz-Wunderlich’s 80th birthday. Participants: Radio Philharmony Saarbrücken/Kaiserslautern, directed by Christoph Poppen, soloists: Martin Mitterrrutzner (tenor) and Christina Landshamer (soprano).

2011 In February, Chamber music matinee performance at the town and local history museum with Sabine Roschy (horn), Dominik Heil (tenor) and Roland Lißmann (piano).

2011 Song recital on the 29th of October as  part of the general meeting of the Fritz Wunderlich Association at the castle Lichtenberg. Participants: Nadja Steinhardt (mezzosoprano), Melanie Petcu (soprano) and Thomas Layes (piano)

2011 In September, a reading about Anna Wunderlich took place at the restaurant „Deutsches Haus“ by Marliese Fuhrmann. She read a chapter from her book „Anna und Andere“ (Anna and Others) which portraits Anna, Fritz Wunderlich’s mother.

2013 Classic Camp at the Lichtenberg Castle

In August, within the context of the „Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz“ (Cultural summer of Rhineland Palatinate), the Fritz Wunderlich Association organized a project called „Classic Camp Eurovisions“ at the Lichtenberg Castle. Talented young artists from the region as well as other Eurpean countries came together to play music and worked with renowed guest lectures.

The following guest lecturers were present:
Leonhard Paul / Mnozil Brass – current „Musikantenland“ award winner (the western Palatinate is known for musicians who travelled around the world and played music and traditional songs).
Roland Vanecek Wiesbaden / Hessisches Staatstheater (State Theatre of the Germain state Hessen in the capital Wiesbaden). Former award winner – who  conducted the composition „Eurovisionen“.
Sabine Gutternigg, violin
Jan Grenner, tenor
Wolfgang Wehner, violin
A brass quintet from Hungary, string players from Poland and guitarists, electric bassists, French horn players, saxophonists and clarinetists from France came to the castle. Our region was presented by the choir „Fri-Fra-Voce“.
In workshops, the ensembles worked together on compositions which were performed at the end of the camp.